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ASAP Personnel Services, LLC specializes in creating staffing plans and payroll service plans for our clients that will maximize productivity. We send professional, highly qualified employees…not just a warm body! We take the time to listen to our clients needs and specifications making ASAP Personnel Services, LLC. the company of choice! We get it right the first time!
Call us today! (504) 814-9999
testimonials_icon_105Hi Ms. Danell,
Just touching base with you on my interview today. I think the interview went very well. I will more than appreciate the offer if given to me and do the best job I can as i need it tremendously at this time. I feel that my skills and qualifications do match exactly what they are looking for. I just want to thank you again for the help and inspiration in preparing for the interview; you are indeed a kind and rare person in this world today from what I can tell from our few interactions.
Thank You,
Kimberly A. Rabalais

Advantages of our Services

  • Use our services as a tax write off
  • No more tax reporting for short term employees
  • Reduce your mod-rate for worker’s compensation
  • Relieve your company of Benefit Packages
  • Reduce cost of Drug Screening & background investigations
  • Reduce turnover cost
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance & General Laibility
  • Training & Testing Resources
  • Customized Orientation
  • Increased Productivity


Why Temporary Personnel?

Look for us when it comes to imaginative plans designed to solve even the most complicated staffing problems. Here are just a few:

Vacant positions while seeking full time staff, vacations, or under-scheduled peak workloads. Temporary staffing allows the work to continue in a normal manner.
Using temporaries in areas where jojs are monotonous and turnover is high. Temps can be brought in for a fixed period of time and replaced by a new group periodically to keep production levels high. This reduces your turnover costs and increases your level of productivity.
Because we are independently owned, we have the flexibility to customize staffing programs for any need your company may have.